Golden Gate Restuarant Association (GGRA) Members

GGRA strives to select providers that bring quality service and value to their members.  We were carefully selected as the preferred provider for Group Health & Employee Benefits for GGRA members because of our wide range of cost-effective benefits solutions and HR services, in addition to our extensive experience in designing benefit programs for restaurant owners and those in the food industry.  We are intimately (sometimes too intimately!) familiar with the challenges the restaurant industry in designing and maintaining an employee benefit package and we can work with you to overcome these obstacles.

Benefaction Insurance offers GGRA members our SF HCSO compliance and reporting package at a savings of 15%.  We understand each requirement and nuance of the HCSO and strategically design benefit programs and calculate employer contributions to satisfy the ordinance requirements.  Additionally, we perform the necessary quarterly and annual analysis and reporting, as well as handle any required additional payments.

In addition, Benefaction offers GGRA members our customized HR package at a savings of 15%.  We customize an HR Administration Package that meets your needs.  We can supplement your management team or provide full HR administration including leave management, administration of paid sick leave and paid family leave, FMLA management, customized employee handbooks, up to date employee hiring packets, and policy and procedure documents.  We also offer full management training.

We stay abreast of important issues in both the restaurant and insurance industries, and simplify your benefits options. We know you have other fish to grill!

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